We had the great pleasure of creating some of the first apps for Hit Entertainment, Sesame Street and Poptropica. It was a very interesting learning experience for us as we realized that most adults don't really know what's fun for kids as much as they think they do. We formed a division of our company called "Little Fish" so that we could iteratively test apps with kids before releasing them. It proved to work very well for for us and our clients. Highlights include:

Thomas App goes to #1

#1 Selling App in the IOS Kids Marketplace
Thomas Game Pack is still a very brisk selling game, even after several years and it received accolades from Autism Speaks for the emotions game.

Potty Time for Elmo goes to #1

#1 Selling App in the IOS Kids Marketplace
Potty Time for Elmo was also very well received at launch and continues to be a top seller.

We design and program for iBook, Nook Kids and Kindle using IBooks Author/Producer, Nook Bookbuilder and Kindle Previewer. Highlights include:

knitty kitty

Spinning a Yarn
In order to learn the proprietary software that came with our Nook publishing deal, we wrote a children's book, created the scenes out of yarn and shot them on Tamara's dining room table, recorded music and narration and programmed the book. It's a Staff Pick and doing quite well in the Barnes and Noble 3-5 Kids market. See for yourself!

cookin' gumbo

Learn to Cook Healthier Meals and Move!
We designed and built www.thegumbogang.com including logo, website and their ancillary e-books and IOS/Android book apps. It's a PBS property which was created to get families in the South to prepare healthier meals and move more.