We have been the web agency for the RachaelRayShow.com website for 7 years. The client had a reorganization and web design was brought inhouse in August 2013. Our work included a site wide design refresh every year as well as designing ever changing site components such as video players, contests and promotions as well as banner ads, newsletters and emailers. Highlights include:

social campaigns

One Million Facebook Fans
Designed campaign for Facebook to get 1 Million fans by April 2013. Mission Accomplished!

member registration revision

Simplified UI/UX for new member registration
Redesigned user registration forms into a simple 3 step process and doubled member registration. No one needs a 3 page form!

We were contracted do an audit of The Jesuit Collaborative who are trying to expand their demographic to include larger participation by both the Latino and young professional community. After interviewing over 30 people in various positions within the organization and also using Survey Monkey to see what persons in their demographic thought about the exisiting organization, we made recommendations for web/social/events and messaging. As you can see, they're somewhat "irreverent" if you pardon the pun:) and the client was delighted. Highlights include:

website redesign

Responsive Design and Better Messaging
Suggested landing pages to adress individual targeted groups as well as custom translation to insure that messaging is in context for the Latino Community.

brand perception

Edgy Messaging and Use of Kittens
Developed messaging that speaks more to young professionals.

BG Foods was our client for 8 years. We started as their web shop and designed all their sites but gradually branched out into web games, package design, in-store promotion design, event planning and radio spots. We were fortunate to work with many well known brands but our favorite is definitely Emeril, by far! Highlights include:

polaner radio spots

It's Not Cheating, Is It?
We came up with this script for the Polaner All Fruit line of jams and jellies. We produced it with the client and it was very successful. Take a listen!

emeril tour

Emeril Around NY in a Yacht
To promote Emeril's seasonings to B&G sales staff, we hired a 100 foot yacht, designed a web game, tablescapes, posters, brought in a chef to make special branded dishes and hired a jazz band to fete the sales force around NY. Needless to say, Emeril's sales went up...BAM!

We were originally brought in to Hit Entertainment as their web agency and we designed both websites and webgames including webcam games for their brands. We then went on to design and develop IOS/Android apps for them as well and you'll see some case studies in our apps section. Highlights include:

dance with a mouse

See Yourself Dancing with Angelina Ballerina!
We designed and built the Dance with Me webcam game. It also allowed you to record your dance moves with her and of course, send a video to your grandparents:)

sing with a mouse

Really Cheesy Karaoke
We designed and built the Sing with Angelina karaoke game. It also allows the user to record your glorious singing and send to your favorite aunt.